Monday, December 15, 2008

Recipe for Mee Siam (Serves 8)

It's been a long time since I last made this dish.Though, on a rainy day today. I made Mee Siam for my family. It is very encouraging to see them eat with compliments. Below is the recipe that I am sharing. Hope you all enjoy it.


(A) Sambal Prawn

500gms medium size prawns


200 gms of dried chillies

300 gms of small onions (shallots)

small thumb size blachan

3 pcs of candle nut (Buah Karas)

Blend into a paste.

Oil, sugar and salt to taste

(B) Gravy for Mee Siam

A small bowl of prepared Rumpah

5 tablespoons full of bean paste

1/2 pkt of low fat milk

Assam paste (add 6 bowls of water)

Oil and sugar to taste

(C) Bee Hoon (Mee Siam)

1 pkt of bee hoon

200 gms of taugay (beansprouts)

2 tablespoon of Rumpah

Oil & salt to taste

(D) Garnishing

8 eggs (hard boiled)

Ku Chye (100gms)

Green chillies (4 pcs)

Tau kwa (4 pcs small)

Lime (5) optional

Method in Preparing

Sambal Prawn

Blend all Rumpah ingredients together into paste.

Heat 6 tablespoons full of oil in a wok.

Add Rumpah when oil is heated.

Stir well to avoid burnt until fragrant.

Add prawns and mix well.

When all are mixed well add 1/4 cup of water to mix.

If water evaporates too quickly add slightly more water.

Finally add sugar and salt to taste.

** Mee Siam Sambal should be sweeter than usual Sambal (which more sour).


Add 6 tablespoonful of oil to a heated wok.

Put ingredients (B) and fry until fragrant.

Transfer to a big pot.

Add all together with assam water.

Bring to boil. When boiling add milk and bring to further boil the gravy.

Finally add sugar to taste.

** Gravy should be soury and sweet taste.

No salt is needed as bean paste is salty enough.

Bee hoon (Mee Siam)

Add 3 tablespoon full of oil to a heated wok together with Rumpah.

Stir for a couple of minutes until fragrant.

Add salt to taste.

Add Bee hoon and mix until it is cooked.

Finally add taugay(beansprout) and mix until it is cooked.

** Taugay should not be fully cooked.

Serve Mee Siam with the garnishing above.

Tips : If you like to have more soury taste to the gravy add more

tamarind water. Similarly, if you like it sweet add more sugar.


  1. Wow. These dishes remind me of the good ol' days back at Simei =). It's been a while since I ate your mee siam. It's delicious and even more so with the sambal prawns!

  2. This is by far the best Mee Siam I've ever tasted. Yes, it's insanely good. :D

  3. looks so good in the pic! I have yet to try the mee siam!!